Roleplay Character Creation PolicyEdit

There are certain rules regarding character creation. We request that your character follows these guidelines, and if they do not, it may be deleted from the wiki without notice. If you wish to create a character, the following guidelines apply to you.

Violent contentEdit

Violent characters are acceptable, but there is a limit on gore and extreme violence (and also excessive use of swearing).

Acceptable uses of violence are:

"This is a very rough character. He is not very sociable"
"He pushes people around alot, maybe throws in a few kicks"

Acceptable uses of violence are not:

"He slashed his face witht the knife and there was blood flowing everywhere. His attacker licked it from the floor"
And so on and so forth.

Sexual contentEdit

Sexual content is a no-questions-asked week-length ban from the wiki. Sexual content is not acceptable in any form on the wiki and should not be used. Any user found entering this kind of content will be blocked.

Spam contentEdit

Spam is considered as an unnecessary page. Example of spam are empty pages, pages with random strings of letters (for example 'aefj1998bc'). These pages will be removed quickly.

Ways to report inappropriate contentEdit

Admin's talk pagesEdit

Please provide the admin with a link to the page. They will then determine whether or not it breaks our roleplay character policy. If so, the page will be deleted and the user will be given a small wiki ban.

On the forumsEdit

The best forum category to report inappropriate content on is the Policies forum page. If it is reported in any other forum category it may not be seen by admins and therefore no action will be taken.

On the chatEdit

Please provide any administrative or semi-administrative (such as rollbackers or chatmods) with a link to the page, as these users will all have revised the policies anyway and will either take action themselves or tell an administrator. If an admin is already on the chat, please provide them with a link to the page that has broken the policy and they will take action accordingly.

Anywhere else on the wikiEdit

If you try to report inappropriate content anywhere else on the wiki other than the ones listed above, you may yourself recieve a short-term ban as if everyone did this the wiki would be full of reporting pages.

Administrators should go to the Administrative Action Policy. Admins under instruction by an admin mentor or bureaucrat should seek any member of staff higher than them, or attempt to make action themselves (the second option is preferred, as seen in the Admin Action Policy).