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Hello there, and welcome to the Silent Moon Roleplay Wiki. This wiki is a collection of fictional characters created by users. If you would like to make a character, you can follow our Roleplay Character Policy and create your own. Please note that any Roleplay item deemed to be spam or unsuitable will be removed from the Wiki without notice.

Featured Article

We've not added a featured article this month, but you're welcome to submit suggestions. You should have a look at our Featured Article policy first, though. If you have any ideas, you can contact a SYSOP through their talk page or find one on the chat.

User of the Month

There is currently no user of the month, and this section of the Wiki is still under construction. A badge for the user's userpage and a Template for this section of the main page are under construction. SYSOPs will choose the User of the Month and they will be notified via. Talk Page, and they will then add the badge to their userpage.

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Silent Moon Roleplay Wiki is currently accepting Promotion Requests. If you would like to become an Administrative user, please visit the 'Help Out' page.